CPA Secrets – How I Make $6,000+ A Month

CPA Secrets – How I Make $6,000+ A Month

Latest Update: August, 2015

Even if you’re a complete beginner, this course will teach you how to use CPA (Cost Per Action) to create a business that makes money while you sleep.

You’ll be able to generate profits without having to sell any products, and you’ll set up a legitimate online business quickly and easily.

Use CPA to Establish a Successful Online Business and Generate Consistent Income

  • Research and Get Accepted into the Best CPA Networks
  • Build a Website, Landing Pages, and Squeeze Pages That Will Generate Traffic
  • Optimize and Track Your CPA Campaigns

Make Money Online Without Having to Sell Any Products Directly

This course will show you how to easily and quickly generate extra income every month using effective CPA strategies.

To be successful, you don’t need a website or sales skills. You don’t even need your own product.

You’ll learn how to offer a freebie, such as a discount, prize, or trial, to get people interested, and clicking. You’ll learn how to how you can get paid with hardly any effort.

Contents and Overview

This course begins with an overview of how to easily find the hottest CPA networks, and how to guarantee that you’ll be accepted into the top networks every time.

You’ll dive into how to set up an effective and attractive website using WordPress so that you can get started using CPA (Cost Per Action) offers to begin making money.

Knowing your market is crucial to a successful campaign, so you’ll also tackle how to spy on your competitors and learn their secrets.

To get higher traffic and higher profits, you’ll learn how to optimize your website with keywords.

Finally, to make the most of every CPA campaign, you’ll learn how to design effective landing pages and squeeze pages.

You’ll also cover the top tools for setting up a profitable campaign, tracking its success, and generating traffic consistently.

By the time you complete this course, you’ll know how to select a hot offer, send millions of visitors to a high-converting landing page, and generate extra income.

You’ll be ready to set up laser-targeted and profitable CPA campaigns quickly and easily in order to increase conversions and create a sustainable and profitable online business.

What are the requirements?

  • An Internet connected computer
  • An hour per day to setup and optimize your campaigns, check your earnings and make more money
  • Low traffic budget + $29 hosting fees

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 40 lectures and 6 hours of content!
  • By the end of this course, you will know our exact secret blueprint to select a hot offer, send millions of visitors to a high-converting landing page (for as low as 1 cent per click) and profit like a boss!
  • Learn how to setup laser-targeted & profitable PPV traffic campaigns in no time and conversion rates through the roof.
  • Start to profit like a boss NOW!

What is the target audience?

  • Anyone who wants to easily make money online
  • PPV marketing newbies, intermediates and experts
  • CPA marketers
  • People of 18 years or older

What you get with this course? click here

CPA Wealth Blueprint Video Training Course

CPA Wealth Blueprint Video Training Course

The CPA Wealth Blueprint Training Videos Is An Incredible Step-By-Step CPA Marketing training! The CPA Wealth Blueprint is a complete blueprint course that will show you exactly how to profit from the CPA networks. This complete training program will teach you everything you need to know about CPA networks and how to earn money online from them. If you've ever wondered how to use CPA networks to make money online, this is your chance to start. What if I would give you the key to benefit from the tens of thousands of promoting offers and to setup your own promotion funnel and to start your own advertising business? Would you turn this offer down? Claim your copy today and start creating an additional stream of income of the CPA Networks. This powerful information is guaranteed to help you earn more money online from your website. Discover how you can avoid some of the major pitfalls of promoting CPA offers and start increasing information. Bypass the learning curve with CPA networks insider tips and tactics and pass the point where most people have already failed and given up.
Start The CPA Wealth BlueprintTraining Today! By now, I think you're very curious what you'll learn in this step-by-step video CPA marketing training...

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Take a look below what kind of video content you’ll receive:
Video 1 – CPA Uncovered (7m 45s) * Learn Exactly what CPA is and why it is a profitable form of advertising. * Understand how to use CPA in or to maximize your earnings.
Video 2 – CPA Terms Explained (6m 54s) * Learn what the jargon around CPA actually means. * See a comparison of actual offers and understand how to pick the best paying.
Video 3 – Applying To A CPA Network (6m 19s) * Learn what the CPA networks required from you. * And how you can get approved even when you’ve been rejected before!
Video 4 – Identifying Top Offers (7m 14s) * Learn which are the top offers. * And discover how to spot them yourself quickly and easily.
Video 5 – CPA Network Demo 1 (15m 36s) * Be guided step-by-step through signing up to one of the top CPA networks. * Look on the inside of this network and learn how to use it.
Video 6 – CPA Network Demo 2 (19m 42s) * See a demonstration of one of the biggest CPA networks with the best paying offers and learn to find your way around this network.
Video 7 – CPA Network Demo 3 (8m 47s) * Be walked through signing up to a CPA network with very lucrative offers. * Learn exactly what they want from you in order for you to get approved.
Video 8 – CPA Network Demo 4 (10m 54s) * Be walked through the inside of this major CPA network. * Learn the ins and outs of their interface and how to get the most from it.
Video 9 – Getting Products Into CPA Networks (8m 32s) * You’ve seen how to use CPA networks to make money promoting offers, what if you could benefit from the tens of thousands of people who do this promotion? * Learn what you need to do to get your products inside the CPA networks.
Video 10 – Info Product Friendly CPA Network (5m 53s) * Discover one of the best CPA networks to use to promote your info products. * And benefit from potentially thousands of visitors.
Video 11 – Info Product Friendly CPA Network (10m 19s) * Be guided step by step through advertising your info product on this network. * Understand the three different options available to you and which is best to make the most sales.
Video 12 – Promoting CPA Offers (9m 16s) * Learn some of the best ways to make money with CPA offers. * Discover how you can avoid some of the major pitfalls of promoting CPA offers.

And of course, I can’t leave you with just that when there is SO much more you can learn about CPA networks and monetizing your websites.WAIT! Yes,There Is Much More... Along with the complete CPA Wealth Blueprint video training program, you will get each of the following bonus items, specially chosen to help you benefit the most of your training.
Bonus Gift #1: CPA Marketing E-book ($ 27.00 Value) bonus picture bonus description <>
Bonus Gift #2: CPA Beginners Video Course ($ 37.00 Value) bonus picture bonus description <>
Bonus Gift #3: CPA Email Course ($ 27.00 Value) bonus picture bonus description <>
Bonus Gift #4: CPA Graphic Templates ($ 27.00 Value) CPA Graphic Templates image CPA Graphic Templates <>

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Claim Your Copy Of The CPA Marketing Wealth Blueprint Today!

The CPA Wealth Blueprint program gives you the opportunity to rapidly learn and implement another stream of income to your website.

This program is also for you:

  • If you have a website that is getting traffic but not earning as much as you would like it to, then you need to look at CPA offers. These can dramatically increase your earnings.
  • If you have a list and are looking for backend products to promote to your list to increase your earnings, CPA offers could well be the answer. With the ease of conversion for some offers and the wide variety of niche offers available, you are bound to find something that will appeal to your list or website visitors. These offers can help you add an additional stream of income to your website, particularly as you can run CPA adverts next to Google Adsense adverts with no worry about Google penalizing you.
  • If you want to offer information to your customers. More and more people are searching online to find the right information, step into CPA Marketing offers to give people what they want!

Yes Jolande! I Want To Learn How To Profit Like Wild From The CPA Networks Beginning Right Now!
I want to learn the secrets of the CPA networks! Show me the step-by-step process by which I can learn how to sign up and start using these highly profitable CPA Marketing networks. This program will teach you everything you need to know about CPA networks and how to earn from them.

The CPA Wealth Blueprint program is available now for just $ 47,00.  Reserve your copy and start The CPA Marketing Blueprint Training today. Please take advantage of this crazy offer for only $47,00 before I come to my senses, while it’s worth twice the money! Remember, this offer won’t be available for long!

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How To Make Money With Google And Clickbank

What important when beginning an online business is that you sell products to customers and in order to not affiliates. Your current products have a beneficial product the customers continues to purchase and will probably keep receiving payment.

Another top tip using e-mail marketing with effectiveness is permit them become familiar with a new product, nevertheless, you are going to evaluate and consider it before you recommend it to themselves. You have then already made such a difference, may will notice the trust growing daily. E-mail marketing with persistence like these can only give you the edge the actual years rest.

My more effective site is dependant on tips online or hard drive. It could almost not get any broader than that. Another well accomplishing site is about writing. Concerning how to become a writer and make money writing. Achievement a narrow niche, decide to.

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When they teach you ways to Make Money Online, they all say: Realize you are a narrow niche. Don’t choose “pets”, but “clicker training for cats” or anything really break.

Sell things on ebay . com. If you aren’t the sort of human who likes finding bargains at garage sales, you can even make money promoting craigslist and. The auction site will pay that you just small commission for every new customer you send to them who signs up and bids on something. Some eBay partners earn more than just a million dollars per year this opportunity.

The associated with the ICP is $297 and a monthly fee of $29.95. Various one time offers and promotions end up being offered time to time that can contain adjusted pricing.

discover amazing secret that gives you $10000 per month using clickbank

Affiliates provide you with the ability multiple streams of take-home pay. Take advantage of that! Nothing is stopping you Cash1234 System building 1, or 3 or 60 different websites, all with them generating income for you simultaneously. That is a front-loaded business venture; almost all of the work has risen front, become more serious . you’re done you can just leave your sites ticking and earn money for your family. Just remember to think in the long term. Make timeless content to guarantee if people read it in 90 days or in a couple of years, it is as relevant as it truly is. Remember, your older content will still make money and will still are visible on web hunts.

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Complete CPA Domination Review

Complete CPA Domination Review

Complete CPA Domination is the newest product from Vivek Narayan and team and is about the biggest and best selling product niche right now on Warrior+ which is of course anything related to making money with CPA. People have gone CPA nuts and Complete CPA Domination shows us an interesting method.



After going through my review copy of Complete CPA Domination I was happy to see that it was about free traffic which I always like. I will not explain the exact traffic source because in this case it will really ruin the surprise behind Complete CPA Domination. As soon as I saw that Vivek was behind Complete CPA Domination I knew that it would be interesting.

Get Started With Making CPA Profits Today!

I remember Vivek from when he was always releasing new WSO’s on the Warrior Forum and remember that all of them were different methods and not the usual that was being offered. Complete CPA Domination is no different.



To give you a small clue Complete CPA Domination is about using others hard work to get the traffic to your offer. The great thing about CPA is that you can set up campaigns that only require you get the email address of someone who is already interested in the subject.

So if you can get your iPhone offer in front of people who are looking for a new iPhone then they will almost definitely give their email to win a new iPhone. Also Complete CPA Domination shows us that within most CPA companies there are 100’s of niches from dating offers to credit offers to gaming offers, so it really is just a case of finding the right group of people and putting the correct offer in front of them and with social media so big these days then that is easy to do (though Complete CPA Domination is not really about social media)



The main course Complete CPA Domination is an over the shoulder step by step method that uses free traffic and the traffic created by others to get people to your offer. You will be setting up campaigns that will take around 30 minutes to get set up and after that you can leave them and go onto setting up the next.

Complete CPA Domination is very easy to scale and does not require any technical skills to get set up which makes this perfect for someone new to CPA or for someone who has no budget to buy traffic. As I said before Complete CPA Domination may very well be a completely new method to you but it is one that can be picked up fast.

Click Here To Get Started on Your CPA Journey!

Now the sales page of Complete CPA Domination says that you can make up to $1000 a day…while I am sure if you hit the right campaign and create a lot of them then that may be possible but I would aim for something smaller in the beginning, for example, you should be able to make an easy $100+ per day in the beginning with not so much work!



OTO 1 is the Commission Jacker Software (a very powerful tool that lets you steal other people’s traffic)

OTO 2 is called “FB Cash Formula” (this is a powerful way to make money using the viral traffic of Facebook)




As a Bonus for you I have over 16,000$ worth of NEW Bonus Products


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CPA Empires (main course PDF)



So to Get Complete CPA Domination plus my Huge BonusCLICK HERE NOW!



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[] Get $23 on signup (takes 2mn)


Hey guys!

Bitgold is offering 0.5g gold(CAD$23.49 for now) for free for every Canadian resident. I believe it’s legit because I couldn’t find any scam report about it.(If not, please let me know, thank you) I know some people don’t like referral link, but this is the only way to make free gold as far as I know…Sorry guys.

Here is the Win-Win link:[](

Anyway, who doesn’t like free money in just a 2 minutes sign-up? Let’s make some, and most importantly, support our local start-up!

Redemptions can be done via Bank Wire, BitGold Prepaid Card or Physical Gold.

Early history

Founded in 2014 by Roy Sebag and Josh Crumb, BitGold is the sole operating business of BitGold Inc. Initial investors in BitGold were Soros Brothers Investment which is run by Alexander Soros, the son of George Soros.

On June 16, 2015 BitGold Inc. announced the completion of an additional $21.4 million secondary financing.

On June 26, 2015 BitGold Inc. announced US residents can sign up on the BitGold platform and buy, sell or redeem gold.

On June 30, 2015 BitGold Inc announced former head of PayPal Canada, Darrell MacMullin to be CEO.

GoldMoney acquisition

On May 22, 2015 BitGold Inc. announced the acquisition of GoldMoney Network Limited and its subsidiaries for a purchase price of $51.9 million, integrating over $1.5 billion in assets and over 135,000 user sign ups into the combined company.

Corporate headquarters

BitGold’s corporate headquarters is based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. BitGold’s European headquarters is located in Milan, Italy. It is a new Canadian start up publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (XAU.V).


My Review for Google Sniper 3.0 Results, Did it Work?

My Review for Google Sniper 3.0 Results, Did it Work?


George Brown Google Sniper – The Most Proven System For Making A Full Time Income Online

Hello, I am Jean. I started off as a full time blogger and is currently working as an affiliate marketer. I have always had my interest in SEO, traffic generation and online marketing. For the same reason, I had tried my hands at Google Sniper and frankly, it ended up doing wonders for me. It was just in 2 months that I received a huge monetary profit. So, I decided to write a thorough review for the same so that others may also know about how beneficial this product is. Here is my unbiased and honest review for Google Sniper 3.0. I hope if will be helpful for you.

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So I saw a lot of people interested in doing Affiliate Marketing recently, and since mobile is growing super fast today, it makes sense that the trend on Affiliate Marketing is heading to mobile now. I notice a pattern with most newbie affiliate, especially in mobile CPA arena, I constantly seeing most of them making the same mistakes. So this time I would like to address the mistake most new mobile CPA affiliate made, and more importantly how to avoid it. First of all every new affiliate made different mistakes, but here’s the top 5 most common mistakes that I found constantly:


1. They don’t have enough money

Affiliate Marketing is like boxing, if you want to be a boxer, you need to do hard training, you’ll take a beating and making painful mistakes because that’s the way it works in the game. It’s not like working at Starbucks where you get paid every time, in Affiliate Marketing you have to go through some learning curve and made mistake to actually learn how it works. Let me break down what element that will cost you money:

  1. Domain and Hosting: You need VPS, don’t ever use shared hosting because it slow and unreliable. I recommend Beyond Hosting because it’s cheap. Stay away from GoDaddy and Rapidgator, they’re not good in terms of fast-delivery and customer support.
  2. Voluum tracker: the cheapest voluum service is $100 per month, it’s essential if you want to track your progress or see who’s convert to use a tracking software, and voluum is the best so far.
  3. VPN: Read my guide on how to spy using VPN for offer which targeted not in your current country. I recommend HideMyAss, but there are plenty of choice out there, choose whatever suit you.
  4. Other software: Spending a little Dollars on Photoshop and adobe Dreamweaver to make your banner and landing page is good. But if you want to save your money, there are good free software out there, I recommend GIMP as a Photoshop replacement and use Notepad++ for adobe Dreamweaver replacement.

What if you don’t have money? Then find a way to have money. Work your ass off, sell your xbox, do whatever you have to make money. But don’t ever use your credit card as your “funding” source, because it’s better to have no money rather than having a debt. People say it takes money to make money, in Affiliate, especially Mobile CPA World, it’s a cold hard truth.


2. They don’t do enough split-testing

You should depend on skills, not on your taste, gut, or faith. Your feeling might fools you, but numbers don’t like. If you treat mobile affiliate marketing like gambling arena in Las Vegas, you’re dead wrong, you can made a lot of money once, but can you make money every week? Dude, you can’t win the gambling all the time.

Instead depend on luck, make a calculated risk, people do this in different way, but in general it’s the same principle: split-testing is a must. For example if you have $500, don’t spend it all on one testing campaign, split it at least into 5, spend $100 each, or split it into 10 and spend $50 each, do however you like but don’t ever skip the split-testing part.

You need to learn how to read data, use tracking software like voluum and watch your testing campaign, who’s winning and who’s losing, get rid of losers and go with your winner AKA Golden Nugget.


3. They jumping around

Newbie often launch one campaign for a certain offer, but then if they don’t make money, what they do? They launch another campaign for different offer. And mostly they do this for every time they failed. Here’s the thing, the guy who made through Affiliate Marketing are Snipers, they focus, and they hit the target headshot.

Jumping around, I mean change the offer on different niche or category constantly is the fastest way to lose money. I always asked this what kind of affiliate are you? If you’re an Android App Installs guy, make sure you’re a master on that category, and until you actually make profit on that category, don’t run an offer on different niche.


4. They don’t build a team

Affiliate Marketing is like basketball, it’s a team work, not a solo work. And how could you win if the other guys are working with teams? The competition is growing. Try to diverse your team and split the job desk, for example you can diverse the task on who’s doing banner design, who make the ad copy, and who set up voluum tracker. This teamwork is even more crucial when you are running a few different offers. A Super Affiliate even doing this by hiring someone, they delegate certain task to their employee.

But what if you’re not ready to build a team? Let’s say you’re only doing affiliate marketing with just one person and want to speed it up, there’s a good news: outsource a certain task. I strongly recommend you have basic skills to using Photoshop and make n html website. It’s no rocket science at all, you don’t want other guy copy your profitable banner design and landing page, right?


5. They don’t choose the newbie-friendly offer

In my opinion based on experiences, the best offer for newbie to learn and launch a pilot offer is an app installs offer, which the payout is below $1. Because it takes fewer budgets to split-testing and since the payout is low, it means it convert easier. Of course you can also launch adult offer as a newbie, but it’s going to be very difficult since you’re competing with the big guy there.